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JPLC is an independent financial markets and portfolio risk management advisory firm with a broad expertise in credit trading, credit derivatives and active credit portfolio management. Its client base is diversified and includes a major investment bank in London, a hedge fund in New York and an information technology company based in Paris.

JPLC was founded in 2005 by Jean-Pierre Lardy who was previously managing director at JPMorgan, responsible for the bank’s advisory work in credit portfolio risk management in London in 2004 and 2005. Mr. Lardy joined JPMorgan in 1999, where he was responsible of the credit derivatives trading desks in New York,

leaders in the spectacular development of this field. In 2002, he was appointed global head of the transactions and trading activities of JPMorgan credit portfolio, among the largest loan, commitment, derivative exposure and hedge portfolio in New York. Prior to JPMorgan, Mr. Lardy spent 10 years at Société Générale from 1989 until 1999, where he was part of the founding team of its recognized equity derivatives department in New York and in Paris.
J-P Lardy graduated from Ecole Polytechique and received his Masters in Statistics and Economics from ENSAE in Paris.

Mr Lardy is part-time Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the Limoges University.